There’s nothing like a great restaurant and fine bottle of wine. But sometimes you can’t have it both ways. As a matter of fact, what’s better than a home-cooking style restaurant on main street?

Stories Restaurant, Greensburg, In., doesn’t serve any alcohol but it’s a Hoosier legend. Many communities have such little diners and Mom-n-Pop places with a long history and great food.

I had lunch Monday, Oct. 25, at Stories for the first time in probably 10 years or more and it’s a real experience. The photos here probably explain the place better than I can but it’s a real step back into another era.

The place opened in 1977 right on the town square known for the famous little tree growing out of the courthouse tower. They offer up plate lunches, a big breaded tenderloin and homemade pie.

I had the tenderloin – still small town enough to say look who’s in the big town – and it was great. The breaded tenderloin has become such an Indiana icon. This one could star in anyone’s lineup. It was a nice piece of pork with crispy breading and no hint of the grease it was deep fried in before landing on our table.

It’s a family affair at Stories, 109 East Main, Greensburg. Many people come just for the pie. You can tell when the friendly waitresses puts a piece down on your table that it’s legit. The pie crust is handmade along with the delightful fillings.

I had a piece of cherry pie that was tart and wonderful. The pies sit in a pie case along one wall and you can see the majestic coconut cream pies with their meringue topping which seem to reach 2-3 inches above the creamy filling.

The last time I ate at Stories I had the fried chicken. I can’t remember the details but do recall my travel companions raving about the homemade style.

So no wine and that’s just great when it’s darn good home cooking.

You get near Decatur County, which sets along I-74 halfway between Indy and Cincy, run downtown and check out an American original.

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