I stumbled across Durigutti’s Argentinian Bonarda a few weeks back and loved. That led me to buy a 2006 Reserva ($23.99) shortly thereafter, and then Durigutti’s entry level ($15) Malbec recently.

I tried the $15 bottle Friday night and thought it was quite good in that price range. I’d compare the Durigutti to Altos within the same price range. Both are excellent Malbecs if you find either.

The Reserva is obviously a different price point but it will sure illustrate what you get for a few more bucks!

The wine was a very dark color with wonderful aromas of dark fruit like cherry. On the palate it was big, bold, smooth and velvety. There was a hint of pepper on the finish with very nice tannins.

I can not think of any other Malbec I’ve had in the $18-$25 price range that I can compare. Wine Spectator gave this one 90 points.

I bought this bottle at Vine and Table in Carmel for $23.99. Interesting, I found it online for $17-$27, so I guess $24 is a decent price.

If you like Malbec and been buying in the $12-$15 range, give yourself a treat for a special occasion and try this bottle with a big grilled steak.

It’s great wine.

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