I’ve often found Languedoc wines like a boring neighbor – nothing interesting, always around, easily forgotten.

They almost always seem to be a light or watered-down version of better Cotes du Rhone wines. Perhaps that’s harsh because I haven’t tried all that many but enough to be thoroughly ho-hum about the region.

That was until tonight when I opened a 2005 Domaine de Nizas Coteaux du Languedoc. Wow! This one actually had ….. flavor!

The wine is a blend of 60 percent Syrah, 35 percent Mourvedre, and 5 percent Grenache. I thought it was earthy and herbal. It had a nice big nose, an herbal, spicy, and smoky taste with a long finish.

It was just a lot bigger than any other I’ve tried in recent years. It’s well made and quite fresh.

Wine Spectator gave this stuff a 91. I might not go quite that high, but darn close. If you see this wine give it a try. I bought this bottle at Grapevine Cottage in Zionsville for $13.99.

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