I started getting the urge four or five days ago. I know I have a good bit of delightful Oregon Pinot Noir stashed safely away in the basement. But, what is the purpose if you don’t pop one open once in a while?

I opened Winderlea’s 2007 Ana Vineyard Pinot and was in Pinot Palooza Heaven! I cut up some nice Michigan Leelanau Cheese, got out the last of the Norman Love “Black” chocolates, cut some small fresh sun gold fresh, sweet tomatoes (which I drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper), and feasted.

I’ve written about Winderlea a couple of times and here is a piece I did after an April 2009 visit.

The interesting thing about this bottle is that it had a bit of effervescence that I find off-putting. I had decanted the wine a good two hours before drinking. But after getting the wine into the glass and swirling awhile the annoying sense of fizz (new term for me!) went away and it was the gorgeous Pinot I remember drinking with Bill and Donna and their uber cool tasting room a year ago spring.

Robert Parker liked this Pinot to the tune of 90 points. For me, it’s the nose of Oregon Pinot Noir. And the Winderlea Ana Vineyard really delivers that nice stinky Pinot nose that makes me silly. Okay, I did use the word silly. Criticize after you sniff a glass of this juice.

Now, here are the downsides. Winderlea ships to a limited number of states but if you can find it – buy it. This particular wine is sold out at the winery and lists for $45.

It is a great representation of what Oregon Pinot Noir is at its best, full flavored, full bouquet, but with a delicate hand and beautiful balance.

Yes, I guess you could say I really liked it!

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