With more than 300 blog posts, closing in on 50 newspaper columns, and more than a few bottles of wine, I never cease to be somewhat amazed at the people who want my attention.

I do get sample wine and have written about my personal/ethics policy on how I handle that. I’ve had several companies who wanted to add links to my site. The advertising that occasionally appears on my blog is actually directed through Palate Press – the Online Wine Magazine.

I’ve tried a couple of these gadgets before but usually removed them just as quick. But I got an e-mail today that I thought would be really useful for anyone reading Grape Sense – A Glass Half Full.

It’s permanently located (for now, at least) on the lower right side of the blog.

Wine-searcher.com gives you a chance to look up prices and where the wine is available. Right now it’s showing locations outside Indiana, where I am based. But it should readjust soon to my local IP address. Give it a try. It’s a fun tool. Please leave a comment if you have one about it!

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