A lack of wine education and wine educators leaves a lot of people drinking really bad wine when they could have the good stuff for nearly the same price or just a few cents more.

That first sentence is really why I got into wine writing and started the newspaper column and this blog.

I go through that scenario in my mind each time I find a great bottle of wine under $15. Trivento 2007 Amador Sur is one of those “OMG” kind of wines. Amador Sur is 72 percent Malbec, 16 percent Bonarda, and 12 percent Syrah from the Mendoza Valley in Argentina.

You normally will find the wine around $14, but I found it on the internet at a range of $11-$15. And if it matters, Wine Spectator gave this wine an 89 – pretty good juice.

I liked the wine because it has the nice dark fruit Malbec characteristics I always enjoy with the smoke or earthiness boost from the Bonarda. I’ve written here before, I’m a huge Bonarda fan.

You also get some pepper and other aromas and hints of spice in this wine. It has a very nice finish with just a mild hint of tannin. You will get a bit of acidity. This isn’t as big as some blends you will find but it a darn drinkable wine.

I’d buy this wine again and again. But I didn’t the first time, this was a trade sample.

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