I have been reluctant since I started writing this blog to really bad mouth a wine. Often I fall back to the “not to my taste, but others may like it” approach.

Or, sometimes I just won’t write about a real stinker. Obviously, I don’t set out to buy wines I won’t like just for my wine writing.

All that being said, I’ve been sampling some South African wines in preparation for my next newspaper column and because I had purchased very few previously. And, I should add I have found some I really liked – just not this one.

A couple of nights ago I opened The Wolftrap 2008 Syrah, Mourvedre, Viognier blend. I actually had a similar blend from a different producer/different country before and didn’t particularly like it. I didn’t like this one either.

On the nose you get the richness of all that black fruit of the Syrah but when you take a good belt it hit me as too sweet and almost too smooth or mild on the palate. It’s light in body and uber smooth/easy to drink. For that reason, I would say: “not to my taste, but others may like it.”

The blend is 68 percent Syrah, 30 percent Mouvedre, and two percent Viognier.

In all fairness there was nothing wrong with this wine. I can think of plenty of wine drinkers who are going to like it. In all fairness and journalistic ethics, I’ll admit I wouldn’t buy it again even at its great price. If you like a at least a little boldness or earthiness in your wines, this one misses the mark.

The good news is for a wine under $10, you could do worse.

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