I know I have had Pinotage before but it’s been years!

So I opened a Nederburg 2007 Pinotage tonight and really enjoyed it. It was simple, smooth, fruity, and not very tannic at all. I could see serving this at a cocktail party when there are few wine drinkers in the room. I hesitate to lump it into a category with Merlot or Carmenere, but its not far off those flavor characteristics.

Pinotage is a rather fruity South African red with subtle tannin and a hint of oak. You’ll get rich dark fruit on the palate, a solid mid palate and a finish that is mildly sweet. The Nederburg had 13.5 percent alcohol.

The wine dates back into the 1920s as a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault. The wines can be found light like a Pinot Noir or Beaujolais, an earthier version like a Zinfandel, it is sometimes made into a blush wine, and even Port.

It’s a beautiful deep purple color in the glass with pleasant aromas that surpass the price point. This wine can be found at $9-$14.

It’s a very pleasant wine. Nothing wrong with that. South Africa is an emerging player in the wine world. The wines from the southern region of the African continent have been selling big around the world.

Try a nice Pinotage as an introduction. It’s not a complicated or complex wine, but it sure is a darn drinkable one!

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