I’m learning more to seize the moment with each passing year. Perhaps old age makes us appreciate things differently!

Working with college-age students is rewarding in many ways. Several students have become good friends through my six years on campus.

Last night I had two graduating seniors over for a nice bottle of wine. They recently had traveled to California and were treated to a grand week thanks to an alum who works at Joseph Phelps Vineyards. Upon return they joined me for a glass on my front porch and we talked about the trip.

I remembered one of them saying, “I don’t think I’ll ever taste wine as good as we did in California.”

Well, either they were smart enough to challenge me, tease me, or underestimate me but I decided to bite. Last night I opened a 2006 bottle of Lange Vineyards Three Hills Cuvee Pinot Noir.

Lange Pinot has the kind of nose that makes you swoon. I can smell that Dundee Hills dirt every time I pour a glass. Sure it’s a $40 bottle of wine on a Wednesday night in spring, but what better way to enjoy great wine than with friends. These young guys are just starting to learn about wine and it was a pleasure showing them what Pinot Noir can be!

Lange is distributed in Indiana at better wine stores. It is the lighter style compared to the big Pinots from California. You still get a HUGE nose from this Pinot with some cherry and maybe even black raspberry on the palate.

This particular Pinot – Three Hills Cuvee – is one of my absolute favorite glasses of wine. The THC sells around $40 a bottle. You’ll most likely find the 2007 in wine shops. I brought this bottle back from a Spring 2009 trip to Oregon.

In photo: Jesse Lange pouring Pinot Gris for me during my April 2009 visit!

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