I noted in my last blog that I was trying out my first boxed wine.

I added that I had a big Chardonnay fan, my boss, going to share his opinion about the juice. This morning he gave me his impressions. He was unimpressed – not something he would buy even at $6 a bottle. But his wife didn’t think it was all that bad and was okay with it.

Again, you have to consider what it is – a $6 wine. I’ve had a couple of small glasses since last Wednesday. The wine tastes identical to the night I opened it. Upon further review, I may have been a tad kind to the juice initially – but its not the worst Chard I’ve ever tasted.

My assessment after talking to the boss, tasting it a couple of more times myself – is that this is pretty good $6 Chardonnay. It will not hold up to even a good $12-$14 bottle, but it is what it is!

If you’re buying grocery store Chardonnay there are only a few better than the Monthaven. If you’re buying your wine by the bottle in a wine shop, this may not be for you.

Now all that being said, I have tasted other wines from boxes and a few of them were very nice. So the experiment isn’t over. I’ll give a couple more updates on this Chard. And I need to find a good red and repeat the same test.

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