Thursday night’s Vine and Table wine tasting with Laurent Drouhin ranked up there in my top two or three wine experiences of all time.

Drouhin was in town to pour the iconic Burgundy 2008 wines. To make that experience even better, I had 20 minutes with the great grandson of founder Joseph Drouhin to do an interview for Palate Press.

So most of my information will be for that story, but I’m sure I’ll have a few left over goodies for here and when the story publishes I’ll be sure to note it on the blog.

Mr. Drouhin was charming and offered great insight not only into Burgundy but French wine in general. We tasted his Chablis, White Burgandy, and Burgandy. The Chablis (chardonnay, most unoaked or little oak) was simply fabulous – some of the best white wine I’ve ever tasted. The white Burgandy, more expensive than Chablis because of the appellation just wasn’t as enjoyable to my palate.

But the Pinot Noir was lovely. Four wines up to about the $100 a bottle price point were fabulous Pinot in the lighter, earthy Burgundy style.

A fabulous evening – more to come!

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