If you didn’t get the headline, you’re just too darn young! Memorex, the audio people, had one of the great campaign slogans for years – “Is it live or Memorex?” Then at the end of commercial an opera singer or someone would hit an incredibly high note and a crystal wine goblet would shatter! Which was it, live or a recording?

We might do the same with the Italian Primitivo! I really don’t recall ever having the grape before tonight though I’ve seen it for years.

Let’s get the mystery on the table for you though. Primitivo has been called the forefather of Zin and other assorted names! But there is a lot of interesting history online about Primitivo. Just Google it if you’re a real geek and check it out. It is an interesting debate if you like Primitivo begat Zin begat more Zin begat bad Zin kind of thing!

The grape is grown in Puglia in Italy. Or, if you prefer, the heel of the boot.

But this wine was a nice surprise. Yes, it definitely reminded me of Zinfandel. It had a really big nose, but not as fruity on the palate. It was definitely a full-bodied wine.

This is a $12 bottle (2006 Cantele)I picked up at Village Bottle Shop, West Lafayette, Indiana.

This is a lively/fun glass of wine. It’s big enough to please about anyone, though not a lot of mid palate. It is what it is – good $12 wine.

It was good with pasta and would be good with a spicy pizza, I think. Our mantra is to always encourage wine newbies to try something new! So try some Primitivo!

POSTSCRIPT: I wrote the above while cooking and with the first few bites of pasta. This wine has great quality for price point value. It’s definitely a repeat buy for me!

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