I’ve lamented a few times here how tough it is to get response from Hoosier newspapers when I offer my column. For the record, I give it away. I knew as a former editor that selling a syndicated column is about as tough as it gets.

I also knew a column about value wine wasn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Though, I would be willing to argue that value wine is where the bucks are now and that younger readers are also wine drinkers.

But I’ve been heartened by my latest round of emails. As noted the other day, I’ve picked up the Hendricks County Flyer (43,000 circulation) serving Brownsburg and Avon. Then in the past 24 hours I gained two more papers.

The Shelbyville News joins the Grape Sense lineup with 9.500 homes. I’m also excited about adding The Chronicle, a northwest Indiana weekly paper. The Chronicle reaches 28,500 homes in Portage, Chesterton, Valparaiso, and Hobart.

The combined circulation of my 11 papers is now pushing 200,000 Hoosier homes! That’s exciting and I’m grateful to the editors who’ve picked up the column.

More and more people are drinking wine. It’s a lot of fun sharing a little knowledge and direction to those new oenophiles!

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