Seldom will I ever write about a wine that is almost impossible for you to find, but tonight is such an occasion.

Palate Press – the national online wine magazine – is finishing up a Wine for Haiti Auction raising money for the earthquake victims of that nation.

It’s been a big success. I bid on a lot of wine from The Girl and The Fig restaurant in Sonoma, California. The restaurant has an exclusive Syrah made for its customers by JC Cellars’ Jeff Cohn.

The three bottles – 2005, 2006, and 2007 – were valued at $190. I won the auction with a bid of $125, so I got a bargain.

I opened the 2006 bottle Saturday night. This is big, incredibly well made Syrah. The wine had huge dark fruit and a spicy characteristic with big but well structured tannins. It was one great big glass of powerful wine. I like the big ones, but will admit it was more enjoyable the second night. This wine could certainly be aged for awhile.

You actually can buy the wine. Currently the 2007 vintage is available off the restaurant’s website for $50 a bottle.

It was fun winning the auction bid. I’m anxious to see how the other two vintages compare but think I’m going to give it some time before I open another.

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