I’ve bought some wine this week and picked up a couple of old favorites in the process. I made the decision early on that if I didn’t like a wine I’d still write about it but note that it wasn’t to my taste but might be to others.

And a few times I’ve written about a wine gone bad.

I’m giving the shop where I bought this bad boy a break because I’m not totally sure it’s their fault. Tonight I had a Grenache-Syrah blend from Australia that I really enjoyed about a year ago.

As a matter of fact, I looked up my previous review and it was very positive. I opened the same bottle – same vintage tonight – and it had a funk. I tasted. I tasted. I tasted. And then, I poured it out. That is always a killer!

It had not gone to vinegar but it just wasn’t right. I know that’s not a very good wine geek explanation but sometimes that’s the best I can do.

I’m a big fan of screw caps. I’m not sure I’d blame the screw cap though. The wine was a 2005 so it might have been pushing the outer limits of somthing not made of cork. I’m not so sure.

All that being said, any reputable wine merchant will credit yout purchase cost for a bad bottle of wine. First, don’t pour it out. Re-Cork the wine or put whatever closure back into the bottle and return it as soon as possible.

If you bought it from a liquor store, good luck. But a wine dealer will take care of you. I of the absent mind, dumped the wine without thinking.

Live and learn!

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