The proliferation of wine sites like and has helped to illustrate the wine glut that’s happening in the U.S.

I posted a link to a story about that glut just two entries down. It’s surprising how slow some companies have been to change their marketing and prices.

Here is a link to a really good New York Times story on that topic. Some wineries have just refused to lower the prices on wine they’re sitting on, many others are jumping into social media seeking ways to get their juice direct to the consumer.

It’s great reading for anyone interested in wine.

Oh, and I intend on writing more about the two websites mentioned in the first paragraph soon. I have bought from WTSO (Wine Till Sold Out) but not yet from Cinderella.

Both are offering mid- to high-priced wines at significantly reduced prices. I have not seen big drops anywhere yet except for a recent visit to Cincinnati’s famous Jungle Jim’s market. During a visit to Fairfield, Ohio, and JJ’s about three weeks ago I saw quite a bit of Bordeaux down 50 percent or more.

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