I’m not a big fan of Merlot. Okay, that makes me a cartoon character in a bad animated wine movie I guess. But I’ve never been a fan, even before seeing “Sideways.”

But last summer I was in Kahn’s, Indianapolis, and they were tasting French wines. I tasted this particular blend and thought it was pretty darn good.

I dug it out of the wine storage cooler the other night because I was doing some beef tenderloin. I knew it was largely Merlot-based when I bought it but liked the taste poured for me.

Apparently, from my research, it does come from a very respected producer – Cap des Faugeres Cotes de Castillons. It was a 2006, not a classic vintage for those who track such things, but it was a nice red wine.

It was well balance with pretty strong tannins the first night – much better on the scond night. It had the big ol’ heavy blackberry thing going that seems to go hand-in-hand with Merlot. Wine Spectator gave the juice 89 points so they liked it.

Kahn’s was having a special on the wine the day I bought it. I recall paying about $17 and it was normally $23-$24. I found it online at %16-$20.

If you like a big smooth Merlot, you’re going to like this wine.

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