I mentioned in a previous post that one of my most remarkable wine finds in Italy was a French wine!

At a wonderful little wine bar (enoteca) just across the famed Ponte Vecchio bridge I discovered French “Vouvray.” The particular wine was a 1996 Domaine Freslier Vouvray. Vouvray is a region in the Loire Valley known for its Chenin Blanc wines.

Chenin Blanc can be dry, sweet and several spots in between. It is a beautiful grape that allows winemakers great latitude in how they’ll make their wines.

The Vouvray I enjoed in Florence was aged, and rich, with a creamy texture. We enjoyed it with some smooth French cheeses for a marvelous lunch. It retailed at about $20 (U.S.)

I have bought a couple Vouvray wines since my return. I opened one tonight – a 2008 Remy Pannier Vouvray. I found this wine in the $13-$16 range online. I bought it at Kahn’s on Keystone in Indianapolis.

The white wine had a beautiful nose and a very light color. Even though this was a very young wine, the rich flavor still grabbed my attention. It’s sweet without really being sweet and acidic without clobbering you with the burn. I’d call it subtle. It’s full and rich wine.

Remy wines date back to 1885. Remy Pannier has been one of the dominant names in white wine in the Loire valley.

Try some Vouvray. I can’t wait to try more and get a better grasp on how to describe it. But I sure know I’ve enjoyed it.

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