There’s a lot more to wine than just drinking it. That’s something that is often difficult to explain to those not into wine.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately and thinking about my writing, this blog, and such things. I want to continue to review the wines I’m drinking but I also want to do other things here.

I’ve recently found a couple of very unique and interesting wine sites that offer really great deals. No, I mean really great deals. I ordered wine from one today and want to see how it proceeds. I want to check them out and then I’ll share them with you.

I want to do more video interviews of shop owners, winemakers and winery visits. I want to direct blog visitors to other interesting blog sites and wine stories. I want my blog to be a little different than so many others by being more of a clearing house.

It will evolve, but there ya go – it’s off my chest.

For example, today I got a link from National Geographic about a new vineyard photo gallery. Take a look, it’s really great stuff.

Now for the record, the picture at the top of this blog is one I took during my recent trip to Italy. It was one of my favorite shots …. our college guys on a Tuscan hillside with an old villa down the hill, olive trees, and a vineyard!

I love the shot! Enjoy the National Geographic shots too – good stuff!

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