I like my Pinot from Oregon and the Russian River Valley. Nothing like a Napa Cabernet. And I’m partial to Sangiovese from Tuscany, Italy.

But whoa!!!! I was surprised when I opened a bottle of Luna Vineyard’s 2007 Sangiovese Sunday night. First, the wine is a blend. It’s 90 percent Sangiovese with seven percent Cabernet Sauvignon and three percent Petite Syrah.

The winery says this wine should peak in 2016. But how many of us, really, buy $20 wine to put away for six or seven years?

When I first opened this bottle I’ll admit I was not impressed. Sangiovese can be very acidic and this juice was burning. But, I have to give it some credit because about two hours later I was loving it. (And no, not because I was continually consuming it!)

The wine got noticably softer and richer with some definite raspberry and perhaps a floral scent. I like raspberry in about anything. As a matter of fact, I returned from a weekend trip with a homemade (mother made) black raspberry pie!

But I digrees! (Thanks Mom!)

The wine spends time in new French oak … so time or some air is going to really open it up. The wine sells for around $20, though this particular bottle was a sample for review.

There is more and more Sangiovese being planted on the west coast. That’s a good thing. It’s always great to see wineries branching out and trying new things.

Luna Vineyards does a nice job with Sangiovese. It’s worth the price point.

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