I’ve mentioned my trip to Italy and have more coming. I really lucked out on my day into Tuscan wine country.

New Jersey native Anthony Finta, now a five-year Florence resident, used his personal car to take me and two students for visits at two small wineries. We had lunch in Greve, the heart of the Chianti district.

My newspaper column will be up tomorrow on my other site. I did a brief overview for the newspapers. I’ll have more here on a couple of my Italy experiences in the next few days. And, I have a piece planned for Palate Press on a business Anthony is trying to start bringing small winery wines to the U.S.

Finta currently oversees several websites. He has two Florence websites. The Florence Journal and Florence On-line.

Anthony has posted a short video on Florence Journal of places to stay when visiting Tuscany. The video features me asking Arianna, of Corzano e Paterno, questions about their guest quarters. Check it out here.

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