If you like great Zinfandel and occasionally a really big Zinfandel, Klinker Brick is a name you need to know.

I tried Klinker Brick’s Old Vine Zin earlier this year and just loved it. That Zin is usually available in the upper teens. You can find my blog entry here.

Friday night I opened a bottle of Klinker Brick’s signature wine, the Old Ghost Zinfandel – a 2005. Wow! Bang! Zap! – I feel like using words from the 60s Batman show!

I thought the old vine was a nice, big and well-balanced Zin. The Old Ghost just turns it up a few notches. The wine comes from vineyards that are nearly 100 year olds. The yield is very small but it sure packs a huge punch on the palate.

I’m not sure about every year, but there have been years the winery has limited customers to just one case!

The wine has strong fruit with big alcohol. At 15.5, you’ll know you’ve been drinking big Zin. Always keep in mind too with these big California Zins and Cabernets that the alcohol printed on the bottle is considered by many to be lower than reality!

I loved this wine and will definitely replace this bottle I had been saving for more than a year and a half. The wine ratings folks have this from the high 80s to very low 90s.

It is a different price point. I found it online from $29 to $41. I seem to recall paying in low $30-range when I bought it at Kahn’s on Keystone in Indianapolis.

This is dynamite red wine. It lives up to its reputation and definitely worth the higher price!

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