My second story for the national online wine magazine, Palate Press, went up this morning.

I wrote about the two biggest national wine retail chains – Vino 100 and Wine Styles. It’s nice that it is the featured story on the site today! Palate Press has been getting in excess of 3,000 hits daily nationwide and has some really great contributors making it happen.

The story of the two chains is interesting. I discovered Vino 100 on work trips to northeastern Ohio for football. Liz even recognizes us now when we make our first stop each fall. I had not been in a Wine Styles before researching for this story. There is a franchise store at 146th and 31 in Carmel, just south of Westfield.

PALATE PRESS: The Online Wine Magazine

Both “concept stores” are helping bring more people to wine. I think that’s a good thing! Check out the story and leave a comment!

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