I’ve hesitated to add a bunch of links on my page to other blog sites. Recommending wine is one thing but recommending other wine writers is another.

Two of the blogs I’ve had up quite awhile are Indiana based while one is just my newspaper columns. I occasionally glance at a couple of national blogs. There certainly are some with a knowledge level way beyond mind and I enjoy learning from them. Some also come with a ton of that “looking down their nose” attitude that makes me wonder who their readers might be!

All that said, I’ve always liked Edward Deitch’s writing on MSNBC.com and his appearances on the Today Show. He has a very high knowledge level, he’s practical in his advice and offers up great suggestions without a know-it-all attitude.

You might want to give his blog a look. It’s named “Vint-ed” and I’ve linked it in the left column. (Oh, and if you haven’t already bookmark “Grape Sense,” do it now!!)

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