I’m becoming convinced one of the best value Cabernet buys is Washington State. I’ve tried three Washington Cabernet Sauvignons in recent months and really liked them all.

Lumping a region’s wine together is going to be inaccurate and unfair, but generally the Washington state Cabs are easier to drink than many of the bigger, bolder Cabernets coming out of California.

I opened a Milbrand Vineyards 2006 Traditions Cabernet Sauvignon Saturday night and enjoyed it with a great ribeye off the grill. I finished it tonight with some pasta. It was very good both nights.

The wine is made by Butch and Jerry Milbrandt. They have sold their grapes for years to many different producers but save some of their best grapes for their own wines.

It’s definitely a fruit-forward Cab with a hint of the oak used in the aging … but again, very smooth. The Traditions Cabernet is 75 percent Cab, 12 percent Merlot and some Petit Verdot.

Wine Ennthusiast gave this nice Washington wine 90 po0ints.

The Milbrandts have 1,600 acres in vineyards and make wines at several different price points. This wine is most often found at $13-$16. I bought it at Kahn’s Fine Wines on Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis for $15.99. Even though I bought it at the top of the range, I’d quickly add it’s a great wine at that price point!
Forget the wine geekiness, this is just a very smooth, nice and easy-to-drink Cabernet. I’m not sure there is any better compliment.

I’m trying something new here tonight – a food site that helps pairing food with wine. Check it out and send me an email if you’d like this type of feature to appear regularly!

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