I haven’t been singing the praises, nor drinking, Malbec much lately so I’ve picked a couple up.

I had previously enjoyed Susana Balbo’s Crios Rose and was well aware of her reputation in the wine world as one of Argentina’s real leaders in value wine.

The 2008 Crios Malbec is a really great representation of Malbec, in a lighter but balanced style, under $15.

The Malbec has the dark purple colors of all other Malbecs but this one is done with a freshness and light hand. You will find some spice on the finish and luscious cherries on the front of your palate.

But there is nothing big and scary about this wine at all while still delivering big flavor. You could enjoy this wine with a steak or drink it alone. Balbo is known for making great young wine to be enjoyed immediately. She really knocks it out of the park with the Crios Malbec. Simply put, it’s very well made wine. (Balbo in photo at left.)

She is also a darling with the critics who tend to gush over most of her wines. Previous vintages of this same wine consistently scored around 90 points with most major publications.

You can find Crios wines in most wine shops in Indiana. They are a great buy and great wine!

When I have the time (and I’m a couple days late writing this post), I like to check YouTube to see if there is anything on the wine or winery. I found an interesting video under ‘leylaswinningwines.’ Leyla speaks with a thick accent but offered information about Balbo I had not known before! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much about Leyla but her take on Balbo was good stuff.

You can easily find more of her wine videos on YouTube. Here is Leyla on Susan Balbo:

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