Chile and Pinot Noir is a pairing you don’t often see in the same sentence. But new world Pinot Noir is coming along nicely in some regions.

I tried an Argentinian Pinot recently and was unimpressed. But I must say tonight’s Chilean Cono Sur 2008 Pinot was pretty decent $11 wine. The wine comes from Chile’s premier wine growing region the Colchagua Valley in western Chile.

The winery uses “green” friendly growing techniques and makes its wine from 100 percent organically grown grapes.

This particular wine had a taste of berries on the palate that was initially unpleasant but really improved as the wine opened up. This is an inexpensive Pinot that needs chilled and needs opened before drinking.

It has a nice Pinot “stink” and – shocker – it tastes like Pinot Noir! The acidity improved considerably, as you would expect, with that extra time open.

This is a pretty good inexpensive Pinot Noir. Give Chilean wines a try because they tend to be great, great values.

The Cono Sur is 14 percent alcohol and anywhere from $11 to $15. I paid $10.99 at Cork and Cracker in Indianapolis.

I like the sophistication of Oregon and California Pinot – but the price is considerably higher. For under $15, this Chilean Pinot is pretty good juice.

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