There are liquor stores, supermarkets and wine shops for you to pick up your favorite bottle of fermented grape juice. But there is also a relatively new concept in wine shops that is growing and getting noticed.

Vino 100 is one of those shops. There are none currently in Indiana but there are around 50 nationwide.

My employment takes me through Columbus, Ohio, several times each fall and past a Vino 100 in Westerville which is a northern affluent suburb of Columbus. It’s just off I-71 so its an easy stop.

Liz Avera, the store owner, even recognizes us now when we stop 2-3 times each fall. Vino 100 takes some of the guessing out of shopping for wine. Every bottle has a wine barometer – a tag that measures the fruit to the dryness and the wine’s body from light to full flavored. For the most part, that system seems to work well. I shot a tight picture of one, shown here in the blog, but its probably a little hard to read. You get the idea!

Vino 100, in part, means 100 great wines under $25. They have a few upper-end wines in the store but the vast majority are value wines.

The store is attractive and it’s a franchise. So the look and the wines they carry are pretty consistent from what I find surfing the web.

You will find wines you’ve seen in wine shops and several not found elsewhere. There is power in group purchasing.

Vino 100 is not alone. There is also Wine Styles, which I haven’t visited but hope to do so soon. There is one on Indy’s northside. And, there are others.

Any concept that makes wine buying easy for those who like wine but don’t want to study grapes, is a great idea.

Check out Liz’s store here. Or, Vino 100’s corportate site, by clicking here.

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