During a recent stop at one of my favorite Indianapolis wine shops, the proprietor asked me if I had tried “uva di Troia.” Of course, I answered: “Huh?”

I have to admit I had not only never tasted the grape but had never heard of it.

It’s grown in the Italian region of Puglia, near the Italian coast. I really liked the Santa Lucia Vigna del Melogram Uva di Troia a lot.

I found it a fresher taste on the palate than most Italian wines. It certainly was a very dry wine, as most Italian grapes, but the tannins were soft and it had a nice long finish.

There is a bit of a spice to the taste and a really nice balance. This would be good with red meat, mild pasta, and it was dynamite with chocolate.

I paid $14.99 for this bottle at Cork& Cracker in Indy. Santa Lucia practices organic farming.

This was one of the better inexpensive Italian wines I’ve tasted in a long time.

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