I get adventurous on my trips to wine shops and advise others to do the same. You’re going to have some misses for sure, but you’re also going to get to experience some exciting grapes/wines you’d never enjoy without an adventursome spirit.

A week ago I bought a Pinot Noir from Italy. I haven’t opened that yet. After tonight, I’m not so sure. This afternoon I bought a Pinot from Argentina. It was Trivento Select 2008 Pinot Noir. And it was from the famed Mendoza region so well known for its Malbec wines.

I tried it alone, with some cheese, good bread, and then chocolate. It had the texture and light feel of a Pinot but I couldn’t start to identify the taste characteristics.

My call on any wine is does it taste like the grape. Does it taste like Pinot Noir? I didn’t think this one tasted like Pinot at all.

I might add it was palatable, it wasn’t bad. I guess the winemaker made the wine he/she wanted to make. It just didn’t taste like Pinot Noir.

So the moral of this story is be adventurous, the reward will more often than not out-weigh the risk!

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