The headline on this entry poses a really good question. And, its a question often debated in the wine world.

I started blogging about one year ago, exclusively about wine. I launched the blog the same time I started a newspaper column. I feel inadequate when I read many other wine writers talk about specific wines. But I also feel, at time, put off by the snobbery.

I can usually spot pretty well-made wine. It’s not brain surgery. So I decided to give this wine writing thing a try. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and its opened some doors I never expected.

For one, I’m hoping to contribute regularly to a new online wine magazine with a national profile. Palate Press debuted last week and managed 3,000-plus visits the day of its debut. My first contribution, on Portuguese wines, should appear in next week or so.

But don’t worry, I’m sure in some self-aggrandizing manner to make sure I re-direct from here! Ha! You can jump to Palate Press with the button in the left column on this page.

Already in two weeks there have been two topics in the Palate Press about wine writers, wine critcs, snobs and wine know-it-alls. I found both really fascinating reading. You can read the story here.

I decided when I started this that I wasn’t going to get too far ahead of myself. In other words, I’m going to talk about wines within my knowledge range and not try to sound more knowledgable than I really am. If my musings are helpful in any way, then I’m pleased. The feedback has been overwhelming. I think I struck a chord by sticking to the value wine category. What I’ve learned is people want to drink better wine.

I’ve also opened a Twitter account, though still getting the hang of how to use it effectively. That’s still a work in progress. You can “follow me” on Twitter: @hwhwarren

So I now like to think of myself as connected to the Social Network: Twitter, Blog, Palate Press, and the newspaper column. It’s been crazy, good fun!

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