I’ve enjoyed French Grenache and Spain’s Garnacha for a couple of years now. So I was very intriqued when I came across the Domaine Lafage Grenache Noir at Cork and Cracker in Indianapolis.

It was an $11.99 bottle of French wine so I thought … what the heck?

I popped it open to night to enjoy with some pork chops I did on the grill and it had incredible “wow” factor. This was a really smooth, rich feel in the mouth and super smooth finish. After a little research, I learned there is no oak aging for this wine and its unfiltered – what you taste is what you get!

This had a dark fruit flavor with a little spice on the end. It opened up with some time out of the bottle and turned form a bit of a fruit bomb when popping the cork to a nicely blanced, dry red wine. I think you could drink this with about any mild to medium flavored dinner dishes.

I had not seen a “Grenache Noir” before but it make perfect sense after drinking this one. You get a milder dose of the beautiful Grenache grape in a style similar to a Pinot. It’s a beautiful combination.

At this price point, LaFage is a great, great value wine.
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