There is nothing more fun than sharing wine with friends. If you’ve never done a wine tasting with friends then you’re really missing out.

An old friend in Frankfort, In., asked me to walk a group of friends through a half-dozen or so value wines this past Friday night at his home. We had a really great time!

It’s fun to ask what characteristics others are picking up from the grapes. It’s always fascinating to see who likes one wine and not another.

We tasted seven value wines: Casa de Vila Verde Albarino, Cruz de Piedra dry Rose’, Mark West Pinot Noir, Maipe Malbec, Castano Monastrell, Duck Pond Cabernet, and Patrick Lesec’s Bouquet. The price range on those selections is $7-$13. By the way, I’ve written about every one of those wines on this blog. You should be able to use the Google search at lower left to find those entries!

We had great food, great conversation, and a great time appreciating these wines.

You really don’t have to have anyone to lead the group through it, unless the group really wants a little education along the way. A group of friends can do it very simply. Just pick up some wines and talk about them! Google those wines and learn some detail.

There is really not better way or better fun to increase your wine appreciation than enjoying it with friends!

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