I noted several weeks ago that I would be contributing to a new national online wine magazine, Palate Press. You can see the Beta site by clicking the logo in the left column. The site goes live and public in very early September.

I’m writing a piece I’ll submit about Portugal’s emerging table wines. I’ll keep this entry rather short since I’ve done all my research for that effort. But tonight I opened a Portuguese wine as part of my preparation for that effort.

Jill Ditmire, owner of Mass Ave Wine in Indianapolis, recommended I try Grilo 2007 Vinho Tinto. The grapes are a couple, I’ll admit, that I’ve never heard of before picking up this bottle. I paid $13 for this bottle of grape juice.

The blend is 75 percent Touriga Nacional and 25 percent Alfrocheiro. The wine really improved the longer the bottle was open. It had a big lovely nose that was bigger than the bang on the palate.

It is a smooth an interesting wine of soft red fruit flavors that is unlike other grape types I’ve tried. The finish wasn’t long but it was non-tannic, and non-acidic – very smooth drinking wine.

I’d recommend trying Portuguese red wines for that reason – it’s something different. Of course, Portugual is known for its Port – sweet dessert wines. Much of the Touriga Nacional is used to make those Ports.

I can’t wait to buy another Portuguese wine using native grapes. I just might do that this weekend!

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