Back in May I tried my first taste of Argentina’s best-known white wine, Torrontos. I wanted a name I was familiar with so I picked up a Pascual Toso. I’ve had the Pascual Toso Malbec and it was quite nice at a very reasonable price.

Frankly, I didn’t think much of their white wine. It lacked acidity and I didn’t enjoy the balance of the wine. It didn’t have much of a nose and didn’t hold up to lightly seasoned grilled shrimp.

I had a second bottle in July from a different label that I have since forgotten. It was too sweet and I barely drank the first glass poured.

That brings me to Finca La Linda 2008 Torrontos which I opened tonight! It was definitely the best of the three. I thought the wine had a flowery scent and nice fruity taste on the front of the palate. It reminded me a bit of a Gewurztraminer with some mild spice on the finish.

It’s rather high in alcohol for a white at just over 14 percent. It has crisp characteristics and really balanced well with some grilled shrimp tonight! The wine can be found at $9-$11.

I still lean toward the Albarinos from Spain but some people who like a bit sweeter taste are going to enjoy the Torrontos.

Just get to your favorite wine shop and buy something white and different for these muggy August days!

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