The Summer of 2009 is becoming transformative for me as I’ve developed a much better appreciation for white wines. I think the newspaper column and this blog have a lot to do with that. I’ve always felt that I need to touch on some whites to maintain a wider interest and credibilty in building my wine knowledge.

I’ve tried several very different white grapes this summer but the beautiful Albarino is emerging as my favorite.

Here is a great link to a blog talking extensively about the albarino grape. I trust other bloggers more than Wikipedia! Ha!

This afternoon after an afternoon in the heat working in the yard, I wanted something refreshing. I grabbed an albarino from the rack and put it in the fridge. The one I grabbed was a 2007 Burgan Albarino from Spain.

Albarino is a thick-skinned grape grown largely in the Rias Biaxas region of Spain and in the Vinho Verde area of Portugal.

The Burgans had a medium body with some lemon flavors. I picked up hint of orange as well – an unusual taste in most whites. I’d call it creamy yet still a crisp finish with some tartness.

Robert Parker liked the juice alot giving it 90 points. This wine would rock with seafood.

Almost any good wine shop will have some Albarino – give it a try. And don’t ignore the ones from Portugal. The little country by the sea is an emerging story in the wine world, but more of that to come!

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