I had to use my Google site search to see if I had written about 2005 Celler de Capcanes “Mas Donis” Barrica before and indeed I did last October.

I thought it was worth a mention since it had been so long but this is one of my top two or three favorite Grenache-Syrah blends. This wine has scored over 90 points from most the of the major wine magazines and sells for under $15. I bought it last fall for $14 and picked up the bottle I opened tonight at Cork & Cracker in Indianapolis for $12.99.

The wine is 85 percent Garnache (Grenache, if you prefer French) and 15 percent Syrah. It is a Spanish wine made in the style of the great Cotes du Rhone wines. It has a big nose of dark fruit and gets eight months of oak. So you get big fruit on the front of the palate and bold tannins on the finish.

This is a great wine for $12.

A Farmers Market Worth a Visit
Many communities have strong farmers markets and if you’re not going, you should be. First, there is much to be said about the nutritional value of fresh produce. Second, there is even more to be said about buying it when it’s locally grown. All of that is a rant for another time and place.

Crawfordsville, where I live, has a great Saturday morning market. About a half hour south of here near Rockville, there is a great Amish farmers market. But this past Saturday I visited the northern Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville for their farmers market.

In Zionsville it’s clearly a community event. I arrived mid morning and it was packed. There were plenty of bakers and fresh produce suppliers, but there also was a popcorn stand, hand-crafted olive oils, the Mennen family which lives near the Clinton-Boone county line had pork products. Trust me, their bacon-flavored pork burger should probably be illegal it’s so good.

There was a lady selling fresh-made pasta! I had some tonight and it was great.

It was just a fabulous farmers market where people come together and celebrate locally made and grown products! I was impressed! Support your local market and local producers. But if you have a free Saturday sometime soon, check out Zionsville! It’s a great Saturday morning trip!

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