I’ve now posted all the photos in the two blog entries about my two-day visit to Southern Indiana’s wineries and drive along the Ohio River.

When thinking back about the experience the one thing that sticks in my mind is that Indiana’s wine producers are getting better at what they do. I remember just a couple of years ago the wines were so sweet they were hard to digest.

There still are some of those around but I found more of the sweeter wines made in a light and fruity style that would still please those who like sweet wines but without killing the taste with sugar.

I also found some well-made wines that fit my usual palate. I thought Winzerwald’s Rose’, Turtle Run’s Syrah and Summer Solstice were the outstanding wines of my trip. But there were plenty of other really good ones too.

I have always been reluctant to be too negative in my wine writing. I did have a couple bad experiences. That is the exception now days which is great news for Indiana wineries.

I didn’t include Huber Winery in my visit because I’ve been there so many times before. You could easilty do Huber, Turtle Run, and perhaps Best Vineyards on a one day trip if you’re in the Indiana-Kentucky area. If you’re a little farther west, I’d recomment Winzerwald. If you’re up for a drive, go to Blue Heron Vineyards and enjoy the view. Their wines show promise too!

I believe I included a link to every winery’s website in the two posts below.

I do have more material from this trip which will surface as a newspaper column soon. I had a fun interview with Jim Pfeiffer at Turtle Run.

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