I’ve bought several bottles of Rose’ lately and opened a great version tonight.

This Portugese treat was Adega Coop Ponte da Barca’s 2007 Vinho Verde Rose. It was one of the best Rose’ wines I’ve had this summer!

The wine is light in alcohol at just 10 percent. It is a light red color that is spicy on the nose and palate with that wonderful hint of strawberry. It’s a medium bodied Rose’ that’s ok against food and dynamite all alone.

The wines from this region are also know for some effervesence and this one had some light buzz to it!

Normally you’ll find this wine at about $14.95. But I bought it from my friends at Cork & Cracker in Indianapolis for just $9.99.

Vinho Verde is a specific designated wine growing region in the northwest corner of Portugal.

I’m going to be contributing to a new national online wine magazine soon. And after meeting the publisher this week, learned they want to adopt the popular 100-point scale to rate wines. I’m not sure what I think about that and I’m not certain at all I can define a 91-point wine from a 93-point wine.

All that being said, I’d give this Portugese Rose’ something over 90!

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