I was a little disappointed when I opened a bottle of Lavielle Ferme red table wine tonight. I expected more since it was recommended, but considering the price point I’d drink it again. And perhaps, buy another bottle as well.

This red table wine from the Rhone valley is 50% Grenache with some Syrah and Carignan. It has some spice but not lots of identifiable fruit on the palate. It’s rather smooth. Not much on tannins but I thought it was a bit harsh on the finish.

Still, there was something about it I couldn’t strongly dislike. The wine drank “okay.”

And you have to love the price at $7.99 up to $11 in most wine shops.

And it’s a French wine with a screw cap! How often does that happen? In my experience, the answer is not often.

Both Robert Parker and Wine Spectator gave this juice an 87. I don’t see it – but for the price you could do so much worse.

Keep in mind, as I’m still learning, many of the great Old World European wines are much more delicate in style. Many California wines tend to be in-your-face with flavor, tannins and alcohol.

This was a nice simple red wine at a simple price that I enjoyed with some pork chops off the grill!

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