Plungerhead Zinfandel is pretty good juice.

That’s the simple point of this blog entry. I’ve had better and I’ve definitely had worse. Zinfandel is pretty serious wine when done well. It’s not for the weak of heart or those looking for something soft and smooth.

Zin should be big fruit, big peppery finish, big alcohol and sort of “in your face” kind of wine. California Zin producers have frequently been criticzed for their high-alcohol Zinfandel wines.

The Plungerhead, yes – there is a dude with a plunger on his head adorning the label, is a nice Zin. It’s a bit of a fruit bomb. It’s very fruit forward with spice flavors, you’ll notice the oak, and maybe some vanilla hints.

This wine also has an intersting closure. There is a twisted plastic wrapper around the neck leading to a cork with a cap you simply pull out.

It doesn’t have the peppery finish of many. But this is not a bad wine for the $15-$17 price point.

The wine takes its heritage from Sonoma’s legendary Sebastiani family of wines.

It’s not bad juice! Probably a pretty good introduction to Zinfandel for those not drinking much Zin.

I’d buy it again.

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