Summer is the time for dry Rose’ as you will read over and over. I’ve had several this summer and picked up several more in Indianapolis today!

I had bought a Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon made in South Africa recently and found it surprisingly light. I didn’t write about it, but it was ok. I was expecting a bigger wine flavor coming from the King of red grapes.

Today I bought and tried a bottle of Miguel Torres Santa Dinga Cabernet Rose. It was a 2008 with an unusually high alcohol level of 14 percent. That’s unusual at least for a dry Rose.

This one had a real bang of big wine flavor. It is a beautiful transparent cherry color with a powerful nose. There is just a small amount of typical-Rose’ strawberry on the front of the palate with some tangy citrus on the finish.

This wine was well balanced and could probably hold up to bigger food than most Rose wines. Most Rose’ wines are wonderfully refreshing and more delicate on the palate than this powerhouse. But this was enjoyable.

Even the wine bottle suggested several foods, including pasta, the winemakers thought were a good match.

I bought this at Kahn’s Fine Wines on Keystone in Indy. I found it on the internet for up to about $11 or $12. I paid just $6.99 at Kahns!

The Torres family, with Spanish roots, opened its Chilean operation in 1979 and its grown since. The family was one of the first major foreign investors in Chile.

I love Rose’ in the summer. This one is big, but a nice change of pace from those I just sip on the porch! Try a Cabernet Sauvignon or Sangiovese Rose’ if you like them big. The Grenace-based Rose’s, largely of France and Spain, are also big wines with a lighter touch. The Pinot Noir Rose’ seems to be the one most like relegated to the porch with cheese or fruit.

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