Anyone who has read this blog in last few months know I’m taken with the wines of Lange Winery in Oregon.


I brought a mixed case of Lange wine home with me in April. Most of it was their great Pinot Noir. But I also bought a few whites.

My morning with Jesse Lange included tasting their entire line of wines. They have an incredible Pinot Gris Reserve I can recommend to white wine lovers. Their regular Pinot Gris is also quite tasty.

But Jesse wanted me to taste something new that was “fun!” Kissy Fish, yes that’s the name, is a blend of white wine grapes. It’s mainly Gewurztraminer, which is the only grape attributed to the wine on their website. But I remember Jesse saying there was some Riesling in the blend, and I think something else as well.

It is a beautiful “sassy” wine and fun. It’s very floral with lots of soft citrus. It may be one of the most drinkable white wines you’ll ever come across.

I discovered another Indiana outlet for Lange wines this weekend. I found them originally at Sahara Mart in Bloomington. But I also found Lange Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and their Pinot Gris at Bar Berry Liquors in Lafayette on the 52-Bypass.

I’m not sure you’ll find Kissy Fish. I don’t remember the number of cases, but I don’t think it was very many. If you find it and like well-structured and fruity white wines without too much sweetness, buy a bottle. It retails at the winery for $16.

Or, as it says on the label: “Suck it up it’s tasty!”

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