I love a nice dry Rose in the summertime and plan my next newspaper column on the topic. I have several in the wine rack I’m anxious to pop open and try. I also want to pick up a few more this summer.

One of those on the rack was Montes Cherub Rose’ of Syrah from Chile.

I’ve made a point on this blog not to go on too long about wines I don’t like. Take a look at the blog name. Yes, it’s Grape Sense – but, “A Glass Half Full.” Of course I don’t set out to buy bad wine or wine I don’t think I’ll like. I do try to be positive in what I write about various wines.

I can see how some people would like this wine. It is very fruity, a beautiful dark pink, and very easy to drink. I found it a bit too sweet and way too intense on the fruit.

You can find this wine in the $10-$14 price range in Indiana wine shops.

I enjoy a nice Syrah so was very taken at the thought of a 100 percent Syrah Rose’. But I found this one disappointing. If you like your wines of the “fruit bomb” nature, then you’ll like this one.

It’s just not for me!

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