Summer is for lighter wines with just the right flavor profile.

I had the chance to buy some fresh King Salmon in Indianapolis this afternoon and picked up a nice pink piece of fish that I seasoned with salt, pepper, fresh lime, and dill!

Such a piece of fish just screams for a Sauvignon Blanc. I had bought a New Zealand (Marlborough region) Sauv Blanc – 2008 Fire Road – earlier this week for $13.99 and was anxious to try it.

The wine had a fruity nose of grapefruit and citrus. It was that lovely light straw yellow color and it had strong fruit flavor on the front end. It didn’t have a lot of “mineral” flavor but it had good acidity.

The wine felt good in my mouth with the fish and had a nice long finish. That was probably the wine’s strongest attribute – the long finish for you to match with that fish.

King Salmon on the grill, some fresh grean beans grilled with garlic, candy onions, salt and pepper, and a great New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc makes for a great Sunday night!

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