Every time I open a really great bottle of wine I am like a kid at Christmas.

Saturday night I wanted some shrimp and a crisp white wine to go with it. I went to the rack and searched for one of my “better bottles” of white.

I grabbed a 2007 Willakenzie Estate Pinot Gris I had purchased during a 2008 visit to the Willamette Valley. While not usually a big white fan, as I’ve noted on many occasions, this white is spectacular.

This wine has a pedigree too! Since 1997 its never scored lower with Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast than an 87. Nearly half of those ratings of the past decade were 90 or higher. It’s easy to see why with this fruity and crisp white wine.

It has a beautiful nose of pineapple and melon and even some floral that so many wine geeks will rave about. It had a rounded mouthful of fruit on the front of the palate and a nice acid on the finish.

I took those shrimp and drizzled some olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper, some garlic powder and one full fresh lime and grilled them. It was to die for with this well-made Pinot Gris.

If you find the wine it can range anywhere from $15-$20. It seems like I’ve seen the wine in Indiana, but I’m uncertain. They can’t ship direct here, but may have a distributor. If you see it on a restaurant menu or in a wine shop – pick some up. This is great juice!

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