One of Oregon’s most renowned wineries is the hilltop, state-of-the-art, operation of Lynn Penner-Ash.

The incredible winery and tasting room sit atop a hill with beautiful views of the Willamette Valley. You must travel a long road up the side of a hill to get to the incredible facility.

Lynn Penner-Ash had worked for long time Oregon icon Rex Hill before opening her own operation. I visited the tasting room in early April and was blown away by the beautiful facility and the incredible wines.

Her wines have a feature I can only describe as delicate. I brought home a bottle of her Pinot Noir which I’ll open in the future. But tonight I opened her Roseo – a dry Rose’ from Pinot Noir grapes.

This is a very light, “delicate” wine. Some wine drinkers might find it ‘thin’ but I didn’t at all. It’s very light but structured and satisfying. I got a little light strawberry on the nose but on the palate this wine is satisfying. Just know going in its a light glass of wine.

Penner-Ash is distributed in Ohio and Illinois. (Note below, a reader has found Penner Ash in Indiana. I usually check such things! Thanks for the heads up!)

P-A is a premium Pinot Noir producer. If you find her wines at all, buy a bottle.

I love Rose during the summer and this was the lightest I’ve ever tasted. Still, there was a structure and balance that made it very enjoyable.

Penner-Ash Pinot Noir falls into the same $30-$65 range as most Oregon premium Pinot Noir. So I was shocked to learn the Rose sells for ten bucks! The 2008 has jumped to $15, but still an incredible bargain.

This is a fine glass of Rose for those who like a lighter touch.

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