Two newspaper columns ago I wrote about my favorite ‘day trip’ to Huber Winery at Starlight, in the Southern Indiana Hills abover Jeffersonville and Floyds Knob, Indiana.

My last column was about my tasting experience at the Indy International Wine Competition.

The two have collided in a positive way for Ted Huber and his staff at the sprawling farm and winery.

Huber just cleaned up in the prestigious competition.Huber was named the Indiana Winery of the Year, Winemaker of the Year, Indiana Wine of the Year, Indiana Grown Vinifera of the Year, Indiana Grown Fruit Wine of the Year, and had six Best of Class winners in the commercial division.

Here is a complete list of their winners: Apple, Raspberry, Razzy Apple, NV, GOLD
Aurore, Lakeside White, 2008, SILVER
Blaufrankisch, , 2007, BRONZE
Blueberry, , 2008, GOLD
Cabernet Franc, , 2007, GOLD
Cabernet Sauvignon, , 2007, SILVER
Catawba, , 2008, BRONZE
Chambourcin, , 2007, DOUBLE GOLD
Chambourcin Port Style, Knobstone, 2003, SILVER
Chambourcin, Blauframisch, Cabernet Franc, Generation, 2007, GOLD
Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Heritage, 2006, GOLD
Chambourcin, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Heritage, 2007, SILVER
Chardonel, , 2008, GOLD
Chardonel, Seyval, Vidal, Sparkling Starlight, NV, DOUBLE GOLD
Niagara, , 2008, SILVER
Peach, , 2008, BRONZE
Pinot Gris, , 2008, BRONZE
Raspberry, , 2008, DOUBLE GOLD
Seyval, Vidal, Villard, Starlight White, 2008, SILVER
Traminette, , 2008, SILVER
Vignoles, , 2008, DOUBLE GOLD

You can click here to see all the winners in various categories at the competition.

That’s impressive folks. Now are you ready for that one tank trip?

Congrats to Ted and the folks at Hubers! This was domination!

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