A good friend recently spent a week’s vacation in the state of Virginia and visited one of its state’s wineries – Valhalla Vineyards.

They have an interesting lineup of wines and he tasted several which he enjoyed. Once again this proves, there are states outside of the west coast producing good wine!

He brought me a bottle of their Dry Rose, made from 100 percent Sangiovese. I’ve had Sangiovese-based Rose from Old World countries before and liked it – not as much as the grenache-based rose, but good wine nonetheless.

This Rose didn’t have a lot of the strawberry nose and flavor of most. It was dry and it was a very dark red, not the usual blush or strawberry red color. Without any offense, it was much like Chianti Light. Think of light beer and you’ll get the reference.

I should quickly add that I’m not being negative about the wine. I had it with some guyere cheese and crackers and it was quite good. It is different from most of the Rose I’ve tasted, but I’d drink it again. It’s very true the varietal which is the mark of any good wine.

I should add that it did not hold up well over 24 hours, but was fine the night I opened it. That’s not unusual. I find most wines change substantially over 24 hours even when stored correctly. There is a great blog on that topic. Take a look at 2 Days Per Bottle, written by another Hoosier!

I’ve long said don’t be afraid of trying new things. I guess I should amend that to don’t be afraid to try new things and familiar things from new places!

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