As I freely admit, I was a journalist in a previous life and for many of those years I would enjoy using my weekly column for a good rant.

Well, I feel the same today. I have not done that much, if at all, here!

I don’t really like Chardonnay. Not the big ones, the light ones, the stainless steel ones or the oakey ones – don’t like em.

But friend Rob down at Cork and Cracker got me to try a light Italian Chardonnay – Agrinatura NV Chardonnay from Puglia. I found this wine online for up to about $13. But Rob and Ashley at Cork & Cracker snagged some they were able to sell for $6.99 a bottle! Go back and read that sentence again if necessary.

It’s a nice smooth, rich but light flavored Chardonnay. And Chardonnay and Italy are words not normally found in the same sentence.

This is a nice soft Chardonnay.

So now the rant. Why is it I can find so many Spanish, Italian, and South American wines under $10-$13 that are well structed or balanced, nice fruit, balanced tannins and a great glass of wine —– And —— American wine makers in the value market still make lots of CRAP!

This bottle of wine was nice, rich and smooth. It wasn’t a big bold Chardonnay but it was very drinkable. A wine like this would give novice wine drinkers a very approachable introduction to wine. Instead, they get wines made in tanks the size of grain silos with acidy, lack of balance, masked by too much oak (or wood chips) disguised as wine.

And I repeat – I don’t like Chardonnay!

But I’d buy this one again.

Why? Why? Why?

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